Corporate identity, web and mobile app design

Since few years ago, video is one of the most seeked content type by users for getting information. Just have a look at how YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine, right after Google.

Created by AdverNet, vShaker is an audiovisual shaker that allows you to create and edit videos from all types of content: from images, texts, audio, to RSS and XML. vShaker is aimed mainly at media, journalists and companies that want to boost their audiovisual content offer and thus, to retain and attract new audiences.

The first job was the creation of the corporate identity where we tried several options to represent the purpose of vShaker. The project was targeted to an informal audience, who wanted to create videos in a few steps without getting involved in a complex editing tool.

Therefore, we wanted a friendly, fresh and informal identity that would represent vShaker as an easy and practical tool to use.

Once the corporate identity was defined, it was the turn of the web, which explained the main functions of vShaker through fun animations, as well as the video editor itself, also in a web interface.

Finally came the app, which although it was simpler than the paid web version, it offered all kinds of users, the ability to create videos from their contents.

Project carried out at Ondho.

Design: Eric Torralba
Strategy and copies: Jordi Busquets
Art direction: Ariadna Ginjaume
Web Front-end development: Jorge Martínez
Animation: Adrian Moran
App development: AdverNet

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