Corporate identity redesign

Logo and corporate identity redesign for Citycise, a social platform targeted to urban and socially involved people.

The mission was to update the company’s logo with something more modern and friendly, as the old logo looked a bit distant due to the typography and the colour use.

At Ondho we considered we should keep the city skyline as the main concept were the cities themselves. Keeping this in mind, we went to a clean design where logo and icon could work separately. We also decided to change the colour palette to something warmer and lighter, making users feel more welcomed and confortable.

Trying several options for the skyline, we finally picked the idea that expressed better all the concepts of Citycise in a symbol: a skyline + a map pointer.

This graphic design project was developed in Adobe Illustrator and carried out in Ondho.

Design: Eric Torralba
Art direction: Ariadna Ginjaume

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